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Rental Checklist

Before you book a bouncy castle, soft play or hot tub with anyone, you should first check they are suitably insured. Especially if the price seems like a “great deal”.

We hold Public Liability Insurance for up to £5 million and you can view our cover note here. You can also download our safety sheet and risk assessment too – and we require that you watch our Safety Briefing video.

Before you book with us, please check that the following requirements can be met, and that they are fully met before delivery. If you’d like some assistance or are unsure about anything – we’re happy to help, please contact us.

In order to meet health and safety requirements for you, your guests and our staff, we may have to refuse to set up the inflatable if all applicable requirements have not been fully met.

These requirements should be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions of hire, our hot tub terms and conditions of hire, and our pricing, deposits and cancellations policy.

  • The set up area must be large enough and clear of anything that could damage or soil the equipment, e.g. rocks, roots, animal waste. It must also be clear of overhead obstacles such as branches or ceilings, beams & suspended lighting.
  • The set up space must be relatively flat with NO jagged edges or drops in ground level, or a slope of more than 3 degrees.
  • All walkways and doorways must be clear for us to enter for indoor hires, for outdoor hires there must be direct, level, external access to the setup area. Please note that we can only hire outdoors on grass and indoors on smooth, hard surfaces.
  • A minimum of 80cm access width is required, with some equipment requiring 1m width or more. Individual product pages confirm their requirements.
  • There should be access to a normal household 13A power socket without trailing cables in a way that could pose a trip hazard or risk of electric shock through crushing or severing the cable, or immersion in water.
  • There should be no more than 3 steps from the delivery level to the level of the set up area, although some equipment is too heavy to be delivered via any steps. Individual product pages confirm their requirements.

We can’t deliver inflatables through your home, narrow gates or round tight corners due to the size & weight of the equipment and associated health and safety risks, as well as the risk of damage to our equipment or your property. A good rule of thumb is that if you can easily manoeuvre a large, full wheelbarrow through then access is good enough, if you can’t, neither can we.

If you are unsure about any of the above please call us: 07378 338 050 – we’re here to help.