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Can you set up on Astroturf/Artificial Grass/Hard Surfaces?

While technically possible, it’s not practical to set up on artificial grass. We’re required by the HSE to secure bouncy castles to the ground using either stakes or weights, and with a minimum of six anchor points we’d need nearly a tonne of sand per bouncy castle. The HSE guidance (a quick 1 page read) can be found here. On a safety note, if any supplier does offer to set up outdoors using sandbags, their insurance isn’t valid unless they’ve met these requirements (plus it’s just not safe)!

Can I hire overnight?

Yes! Provided that the equipment is in an area secured on all sides to prevent theft/damage from people or animals. We charge a small fee to offset this risk. However, if we already have hires of the same equipment booked the following day, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

What if it rains?

Our castles are fitted with sun/shower sheets, and we cover our electrical equipment too. Light showers are not a problem, just leave the castle inflated & dry off the bed with a towel before use. If heavy rain is forecast we will likely contact you to postpone or switch to an indoor venue.

Can you deliver through the house?

Typically, no. Bouncy castles are still large, heavy and difficult to manoeuvre when packed away, and most residential hallways and doorways are too narrow and run the risk of damage to furniture, flooring, decor etc.

I have steps to my garden, is that ok?

We’d need some more information… our equipment is heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. A few steps is usually fine, but more than around 3 or a narrow stairway could put our staff and equipment at risk of injury or damage. Contact us, ideally with a photo & possibly measurements. We’d far prefer direct, level access as it’s faster and safer.